21 02/15

The Latest Electrical Contractor Technology

Modern society is always evolving and this goes to say that even electrical contractors are excited to get hold of the latest electrical contractor technology in order to improve their trade.

Product manufacturers are always coming up with new ways in order to; make the electrical contracting profession strategic.

The best way to make sure that an electrical contracting service remains relevant is to always upgrade their materials, and ensure to get technology that can ensure higher profit margins by improving the self-generating funding capacity of an electrical contractor business.

For example Electrical contractors like the ones in Atlanta Georgia, are looking into what they call as “smart products”, these products are simpler to operate, when compared to traditional electrician gadgets.

The latest electrical contractor technology is also energy saving. This is great for both the consumer and an electrician in Atlanta GA. They are easily programmable, and can be operated by human hand, while at the same time maximizing human comfort while in use.

They are also welcoming higher types of technology that employ wireless technologies, in order to make service faster and less time consuming.

With the help of technology, there is a lesser need to visit the locations, and problems can be resolved faster in no time.

Technologies like online video like Skype, introduction of online payment or use of an outstanding invoice either by credit card or third party system like Paypal is being introduced in electrical contractor services including that of sending of electrical letters to update clients.

This is definitely convenient for an emergency electrician Atlanta GA for example. However, if we will follow this trend logically, there is this theory, that the new technology will replace humans totally.

There lies the question of the role of human electrical contractor in the future. If energy efficiencies will no longer be monitored in person, and can automatically program, then there are several units in the industry service that will no longer need the use of human assistance.

The challenge now is to find a way to redesign the society values and needs in order to still be able to make sense of the new world we are entering.

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16 05/14

The Ever Changing World of Keyword Research

KeywordResearch_graphicQuite a few things have changed since “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) started being practiced in order to improve search engine rankings for websites. This practice of course not only helps improve website rankings, but it will also help increase website traffic and this is great especially when your trying to make money from your site.

Proper SEO relies heavily on what is known as keyword research which is basically finding non competitive search terms that people are typing into search engines to find what they are searching for.

Knowing what these search terms and phrases are helps in optimizing your website’s pages around these terms or keywords which in turn Google will naturally pick up on and will help in your website rankings.

There are many tools that can help assist with doing proper keyword research and therefore improve your keyword traffic. These tools are mostly known as Long Tail Keyword Generators because they help produce long tail keywords as well as short tail terms.

One of those tools of course is the Google keyword planner, but their are some great third party options out there. Such tools such as Wordtracker, and Market Samurai have most certainly improved the process of keyword research for many SEOs.

However my personal long tail keyword generator tool has to be Long Tail Pro. This tool is not only complete and produces awesome results in analyzing the top 10 results of a keyword in Google, but it is also very detailed and very fast.

How Long Tail Pro has changed the way keyword research is done, is through performing a through process of analyzing the top 10 results in Google for a particular keyword and giving you what is called the KC Score (Keyword Competitiveness) score.

This score will be between 0 to 100. The lower the score is the less competitive and less difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword and of course the higher the score is the more competitive that keyword is.

This tools has definitely been a game changer for many SEOs who constantly do keyword research in order to improve website rankings for their personal websites or client’s websites.

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25 04/14

Incorporating Computer Technology Into Juicers

Most of us are more familiar with a juicer as being a more mechanical, engine type of apparatus for juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables. This is still for the most part the case with almost all juicers on the market. There is one company who is breaking this standard and is set out to change the way we look at juicing today.

I’m still very sold to the slow masticating juicer which is the Omega VRT350hd, which I have used for several years now and does a very good job. However, Angel Juicers company have developed a series of juicers so technologically advanced that it will blow you away. They have effectively incorporated several advanced technologies in order to produce a higher quality of juice by providing a higher standard of extraction.

The juicer incorporates computer technology with more known mechanical technology. One of it’s technologies is the Shattering Helical Gear (SHG) Technology. Basically what this technology does it maximizes the amount of nutrients that are extracted from vegetables and fruits through subtle grinding.

It contains twin gears that allow for the natural fibers of foods to be chewed and grounded up evenly which allow for the nutrients that are stored deep in the food’s marrow or the cells to come out and you benefit from them.

Another technology that they have incorporated are advanced Low Speed Cone Screw (LSCS) Technologies and Multi Step Extraction (MSE) Technologies. This translates into first, food’s are grounded up, next they are squeezed to where at least 80% of the juice is squeezed out. Finally the food is squeezed one more time in order to release remaining juice from the food. This in turn produces really dry pulp.

The juicer also contains Micro Processor Computer Technology as well as Artificial Intelligent Sensor Technology. This is the computer part of the juicer that basically enables it to extract juice more intelligently and more perfectly in order to get nutrients more intact. It also allows for the juicer to auto reverse in case something gets stuck inside while juicing or the juicer has been fed too much at one time.

Watch The Juicer In Action:


This juicer also contains an advanced cooling system that prevents the motor from being overheated and an Electromagnetic Wave Blocking System that helps protect and shield the user from electromagnetic waves.

The juicer also contains several other features that will blow you away and will definitely make you look at juicers in a different light, now that such advanced technologies can be incorporated so efficiently in a kitchen appliance as this one.

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09 04/14

How You Can Benefit From Landscape Design Software

Custom Landscaping and DesignLandscape design software is becoming very popular among many landscape designers, landscape architects, as well as garden designers. The software is very useful in helping them to create planting, soft works, ground works, and hard works plans before tackling a landscape construction job.

Many of the landscaping computer programs on the market today come in two levels, amateur and professional. The amateur level of software is mostly aimed at showing simple visualizations of garden designs.

The professional version not only provides visualizations, but provides tools that allow the user to create stylistic representations of a design. This helps to accurately label and create proper dimensions for contractors to interpret as well as for land authorities or local governments to easily view the work proposed.

Ever since personal computing had become in such high demand, several software packages have been created for landscape designing including, CS Design Software’s CS Artisan, Idea Spectrum’s Realtime Landscaping Architect, LandWorks CAD, LandCadd, Landmark, and Pro Landscape just to name a few. There are many others out there and many more that continue to be released constantly.

Professional landscape design software programs require very detailed information to be output for contract documentation. This data usually consists of drawings, specifics and reporting, as well as schedules and bills of quantity.

The more sophisticated landscape design programs automate the process of generating these kinds of reports from the drawing data the easier it is us for the user for planning and preparations.

The intelligence of the software in providing these kinds of detailed reports is contained within labels or annotations. For example in the case of planting, the software can provide automatic calculation routines to help determine the number of plants needed based on plant spacings per area or length.

When labeled areas are modified in any way, other associated labels are automatically recalculated and the reports and data are all automatically modified at the same time.

Here is an example of Landscaping Design Software Below:


Here are some of the main features that landscaping software can provide:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Digital Photo Import
  • 3D View creation
  • Plant Encyclopedia
  • Plant Selectors
  • Growth Zones & Hardness Maps
  • Images of Plants and Objects
  • Print Shopping Lists
  • Print Designs
  • Visualize Plant Growth
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Irrigation Designs
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Reports/Schedules/Bills of Quantity
  • Labels/Annotation
  • Photorealistic Design Presentations

If your a customer looking for a quality landscaper Greenville SC or Asheville NC that uses this type of software to help give you ideas, I would suggest you visit Custom Landscaping & Design.